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ONLY B indian rapper telling her song making story

ONLY B revels his song’s making secrets

Indore, Madhya Pradesh Apr 19, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – Being an artist is not easy. First, you need to discover yourself, be aware of your skills then only you can show them to the world. An artist’s struggle is real agony. Every year many strugglers came and go but only a few survive.

Art has been a part of the world’s history from the very beginning but when an art form evolves or a new one gets discovered the society finds it hard to accept. One such new art form that is slowly gaining momentum in the music industry is Rapping.
Rapping started from the streets of New York has now reached every nook and corner of India.

Many youngsters with the dream of being a rapper start their journey but only a few struggle enough to take it to the conclusion. Either due to financial issues or lack of strong will they quit in the mid-journey. For quitting there are many excuses but for success, excuses won’t work only hard work will do.
(ONLY B) Bhavesh Chouhan is one such rapper who is fighting against all odds to pursue his dreams. (ONLY B) Bhavesh Chouhan is like a one-man army, he is his own lyricist, producer, director, editor, and music composer. (ONLY B) Bhavesh Chouhan or originally known as Bhavesh is just a 19-year-old boy who is all set to achieve his dreams.

(ONLY B) Bhavesh Chouhan works a lot to make his rap come alive. He doesn’t have a recording
Studio or any sort of musical instruments but lack of privileges could not compel him to give up. He records his music on his own phone and edits it on his laptop.

He makes professional videos without any professional equipment or setups and his 15 new songs will release soon. His new song ‘My way’ recently release on 1st January 2021. The krump rapper belongs to Indore, India, and earlier he was a dancer. (ONLY B) Bhavesh Chouhan’s rapping journey begins in 2017.

(ONLY B) Bhavesh Chouhan has struggled to gain an identity for himself and now he influences and inspires several others like him. He quotes,” I believe that for music you don’t need any equipment the only thing you need is skills.”

He manages his studies and passion well. The 19-year-old has not backed off from his responsibility for his passion. Bhavesh Chouhan is an independent hip-hop artist who is putting all the effort to make his career grow.

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