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Mariah K's syncopated pop songs have blazed the mainstream music landscape

Mariah K

The influential pop and R&B artist Mariah K is back with some gratifying pop songs crafted under the heavy influence of R&B flow to conquer the pop industry.

Crookwell, New South Wales Apr 19, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – Spring is almost here with all the love and kind gestures going around. This season, the uprising female vocalist Mariah K finds her heart intertwined with new stories of love and growing persistence that embolden her to go beyond her limits. She has become more confident with her musical endeavors since her followers are only growing in number. She continued tender vocals nurture the simple interests of her life and she finds the right keys to share them in a unique way through her groovy songs. Even though her old songs are not yet thrown in archives, she is back with thunderous pop songs that you will be listening to on a loop. ‘Right About That‘ is the first track off the meticulously crafted new album Journey. Her debut album was released through Crookwell’s famous record label Oceanic Records. It is a milestone in her gradually exposing world to musicality. 

The 24-year-old Australian singer Mariah K has come out from the outskirts of Australia, Crookwell. She started to dive into the world of music with her charismatic vocals and deep interest to learn about different music cultures in old Australia. She started to compete with young local artists while coping with the high school drama. Soon she was featured on Rob Mill’s “Homegrown Superstars” program, as well as on ABC Radio Canberra. Soon she received airplay in Australia and that took her to a flight all around the world. Her constant hunger to thrive the best out of any opportunity gave her the scope to land on the international music market with her debut album Journey, co-written by Mariah K and Stephen Lindsay. It was released on April 13, 2021. 

The album is a glimpse of her progressive journey in the music industry. Her mental space is shared with the audience through the evocative pop and R&B hits in it. ‘2020‘ is a song anyone can relate to. Its soothing chords and pertinent lyrical play dive deeper into the surface. ‘Truth About You‘ is another provocative single produced with composed rhythms of R&B and engrossing piano riffs. She takes care of her heart that crumbled to the ground but it learned to fly again with the deep realization that she shares with the world with the beautiful song ‘Journey’. Follow the upcoming Australian artist on Spotify, Facebook, and Instagram for more information. 

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