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How to Smell Better and Feel Better,  Heal yourself or Find a new Career: Become Olfaction Teacher !

Olfaction Training

Olfaction will become a new therapeutic tool when we begin training it everyday the right way, the same way we already do in yoga and sports 

Paris, France Apr 18, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – Ancient Egyptians considered the sense of smell far more important than sight or even the ability to think.

For them, the sense of smell was considered the most important sense. They believed that the sense of smell and ability to detect odours was the most important of our sensory abilities. 

Each day, we breathe about 23,040 times and move around 438 cubic feet of air. It takes us about five seconds to breathe — two seconds to inhale and three seconds to exhale — and, in that time, molecules of odour flood through our systems. Inhaling and exhaling, we smell odours. Smells coat us, swirl around us, enter our bodies, and emanate from us. We live in a constant wash of them but to benefit from them we need to train our olfactory sense and to make sure that everything we breathe is good for us. 

Why is Olfaction Training so important? 

How many times a day do we take the time to consciously smell the scents surrounding us? Fragrances, being very ephemeral, are today very quickly overwhelmed by sound and visual inputs. The sense of smell, ancestrally the first sense, has become the last sense we use.

The olfactory sense, one of the first senses developed in newborns as an instinctive sense, has been considered as too animal-like and nearly cast off by our society. In our past environment sight prevailed over the other senses. 

As an anthropologist, Creezy Courtoy has been studying olfaction and gorillas for years: “Gorillas know because they use 100% of their olfactory sense not only to choose their food but also to find plants for healing themselves.” 

Humans have mostly lost a large percentage of this sense long before COVID-19. It is only now people realise how important olfaction is for their wellbeing. To be healthy, we need the balance of each of our senses.

When you breathe, you give molecules direct access to your body.

To understand the benefits of olfaction, it is important to understand also the dangers of olfaction. If you want to restore your olfactory sense after Covid 19, avoid using synthetic aromas. 

If we consider the importance of olfaction and its positive benefits when using natural materials, we should also consider avoiding the opposite effects: the dangers of breathing synthetic substances. If certain cocktails of molecules are toxic, others have a completely beneficial action on human health. 

If a product is natural in its composition, like a rose, where all molecules join in an effort to make a natural rose scent, if you replace the natural scent with a cheaper, synthetic rose scent, you get far fewer scent molecules and also you can never be certain of what inhalation of these substances could do to your body.

When you breathe, you give these molecules direct access to your body. We already know the power and properties of each plant. Traditional medicine and botanical studies have documented these criteria for millennia*.

Become an Olfaction Teacher

In following an 8 weeks Olfaction Training course online given by Creezy Courtoy, Certified Teacher, Academician and Member of the Teacher’s Academy.  

My goal here is to give the right information about olfaction and the way to restore olfaction using the right material. To understand the benefits of olfaction, it is important to understand also the dangers of olfaction. I saw that many teachers don’t have this education. I hope this course will not only create trainers but also many teachers that will use my courses to replace my teaching” said Creezy Courtoy

The International Perfume Foundation will certify the new teachers and promote this initiative.


*Since the ages of times past, in every region of the world, people have been using plants for therapy. They added plants to their food and drinks, and they used them to make perfumes and cosmetics knowing the beneficial effects of each of them. This precious and ancestral knowledge has been transmitted from generation to generation. We can find it in cuneiform writings on Sumerian tablets around 1700BC. Prescriptions were found in the  “Ebers Papyrus” dated 1552 BC, in Dioscorides “Materia Medica” dated 78 AD, in the “Codex Aniciae Julianae” dated 512 AD, and later in Paracelse and Leonard Fuchs works (XVIth century).


About Creezy Courtoy

Born in a perfume retail environment, Ms Courtoy very quickly realised there were no more flowers in perfume. To learn more about fragrances and olfaction, she became an anthropologist and perfume historian.  In 1995, she founded The International Perfume Foundation. In June 2021, as a Member of the IPF Teacher’s Academy, she will be launching the first natural Olfaction Training course. 

Her publications:                                                                                                  

The Importance of the Olfactory Sense / L’importance du Sens Olfactif   2018  IPF publishing

The Perfume Roads / Les Routes du Parfum  2019 Editions du Fournel

The Importance of the Olfactory Sense – How to recuperate your Olfactory Sense after COVID 19 / + French and Spanish version   2020


About The International Perfume Foundation

The International Perfume Foundation (IPF) is the sole organization in the world to preserve the heritage of perfume while protecting its future.
IPF’s main activities are Education, Certification and Research, and sets very high standards for certification in compliance with the New Luxury Code certifying the entire perfume supply chain from growers and processors to Natural Perfumers including schools and retailers.



Olfaction in Ancient EgyptGorillas know because they use 100 of their olfactory senseCreezy Courtoy anthropologist perfume historian and Olfaction Trainer

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